‘Abbott Elementary’ National Lunch Break Tour makes a stop in Philly to surprise local teachers

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Hit TV show Abbott Elementary has put a spotlight on Philadelphia schools and its teachers.

As it approaches its third season, the show made a special stop in Philly during its “Lunch Break with Abbott Elementary National Tour” on Friday.

The tour consists of the show making stops at schools across the country, including Atlanta, Dallas and right here in Philly, where the show’s creator Quinta Brunson grew up.

More than a thousand teachers are expected to receive free classroom supplies and snacks across the U.S. thanks to the tour.

Teachers at James R. Ludlow School in Philly were surprised when the huge “Abbott Elementary” themed lunchbox vehicle pulled into their school parking lot.

Second grade teacher Rebecca Kalbach was one of the first teachers to see the display and described what it was like seeing the gifts set up outside: “To come out and see that they did this for teachers, we were all like ahhhh so excited!”

Rebecca Kalbach, a 2nd grade teacher at the James R. Ludlow School, discovers the supplies given to her and other teachers from the ABC show Abbott Elementary on February 2, 2024. (Kimberly Paynter/WHYY)

School supplies may seem like a small part of the classroom, but for students who don’t have them, Kalbach says it can take a toll on their mental state.

“In some Title I schools, the children can’t afford their supplies. Sometimes some kids will get teased, oh you don’t have your school supplies, so we like to have them all ready for them,” said Kalbach.

“We want the kids to feel good and we want them to feel loved,” said Kalbach.

  • February 3, 2024
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