After a two year snow lull, ski resorts across the region are celebrating and opening more trails

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Over the past two years there has been very little snow in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

But with several inches of snow on the ground from two winter storms this week, ski resorts in the region are celebrating.

Ashley Seier is the director of Marketing at Blue Mountain Ski Resort in Palmerton.

“Conditions, especially this week have just been awesome, so in addition to the about five inches of snow that Mother Nature has brought this week we’ve also been able to make snow every day, so it’s almost a full week of snowmaking, which we haven’t seen yet this year,” she said.

Skiers are hitting the slopes (photo courtesy of Blue Mountain Resort)

Blue Mountain opened new trails over the last three days. “We will have twenty-nine trails out of our forty trails open for this weekend,” Seier said.

Gary Kline, the director of marketing at Bear Creek Mountain Resort in Macungie, described conditions on the slope as the best they’ve had this season.

He said the biggest one-day snow total last year was 2.2 inches.

“So yeah, you’ve got to go back two years before we had any kind of measurable snow like we’ve had these last two storms,” he said.

Fresh snow adds more value than just saving money for the resorts.

“We invest a lot of money into our snowmaking operations, but whenever we get a lot of natural snow like this it helps us out a ton,” said Molly Coneybeer,director of marketing for the Camelback Mountain Resort.

“It makes the mountain look a lot prettier as well.”

  • January 20, 2024
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