As part of Black History Month, the Princeton Public Library is featuring an exhibit of Black inventors and innovators

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Janie Hermann, Princeton Public Library’s adult programming manager, said in discourses about inventors and notable inventions, the conversation always centers people like Thomas Edison.

“But we usually don’t include other groups of people that are also important,” she said.

So, as part of its celebration of Black History Month, the library is featuring a special exhibit about notable African American inventors and innovators.

“We tend to think of the big names in invention and innovation, and it really is a diverse set of people who have moved this country forward,” Hermann said.

The Princeton Public Library is featuring a Black Inventors Hall of Fame exhibit. (Courtesy of Princeton Public Library)

James Howard, the executive director of the online Black Inventors Hall of Fame, designed the exhibit. He said many brilliant Black innovators who are worthy of notice in American history have been ignored.

“What the world needs to know plain and simply is that we as a people are much larger than just sports and entertainment,” Howard said.

“From technology to aviation to zoology to agriculture, household products, you name it, the Black innovator-inventor has imputed immensely into the success and growth of this nation as one of the leading nations in the world,” he added.

  • February 10, 2024
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