Avenue of the Arts Anniversary, Recycling and What Ends Up in Landfills, Teenage Flutist and Wunderkind

The Avenue of the Arts turns 30 this year. We’re celebrating the anniversary with an exclusive ticket giveaway for our listeners and talk to Laura Burkhardt, Executive Director of Avenue of the Arts.

We all feel good tossing our soup cans, milk jugs and shampoo bottles into the recycling bin, but how much of it really gets reused, and how efficient is the process? Or, how much ends up in landfills? We’ll talk about how to make recycling work. NPR investigative correspondent Laura Sullivan and Director of Policy and Engagement at Circular Philadelphia Nic Esposito join us to debunk the myths of recycling.

Julin Cheung, a teenage flutist at the Curtis Institute of Music, has won awards and been featured in many music festivals. He’s drawing much attention for his musical talent at such a young age, but he refuses to be called a “prodigy.” He joins us to play some music.

  • November 15, 2023
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