Battleship New Jersey headed to drydock, but still needs money to fund ‘once in a generation’ repairs

The Battleship New Jersey is headed for a “once in a generation” refresh. The “Big J” has been displayed in New Jersey for over three decades and needs work.

The work includes “repainting, or as they say in the Navy, applying a system of coatings, fixing and repairing the ship’s cathodic protection system,” said Marshall Spevak, CEO of the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial.

(Courtesy of Battleship New Jersey)

“There are 1,200 anodes that will be replaced, and then finally, there are 160 through-hole openings. Every one of those have to be inspected, and if there’s any leaks, then they’ll need to be replaced.”

The work is expected to cost $10 million, and the ship is expected to be moved in March to the same Philly drydock where it was built for World War II.

“We have enough to get the project going. We’re just looking to finish out the financing. So anyone who wants to contribute directly to the project can visit us on our website at, and there’s a whole page on dry docking and you can make a donation that will go specifically to this project.”

  • January 31, 2024
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