Big Tobacco’s Addictive Snacks, Medical Aid in Dying, Opera Philadelphia

Wilmington’s Judy Govatos has fought off Stage 4 lymphoma twice but knows the cancer is likely to return. In recent years, she has taken up the fight for the right to medical aid in dying, but legislation in Delaware has repeatedly failed to pass. Now she’s joined a lawsuit to open New Jersey, which allows the right-to-die, to non-residents. She’ll join us to talk about why she believes people should be able to die with dignity and choose their own end.

You may be surprised to learn that many of the ultra-processed, packaged foods available today were brought to you by Big Tobacco companies like Philip Morris. A recent study showed that cigarette giants used their knowledge of flavor and addiction to hook consumers, including kids, on a magic combination of salt, carbohydrates and fat. We’ll talk with Anahad O’Connor, health columnist at The Washington Post’s Well+Being desk.

Opera Philadelphia is hosting its fifth annual Festival O23 which kicks off Thursday. General director and president David Devan joins us with a behind the scenes look and to share his thoughts on the future of the opera before he departs the organization.

  • September 20, 2023
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