Bring on the Fightins: Here’s what to watch as Phillies head to spring training

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As football season comes to a close, baseball season cracks open.

Pre-season for the Philadelphia Phillies is just a few weeks away. To get us pumped up for the 2024 season, WHYY “Morning Edition” host Jennifer Lynn spoke with John Stolnis, co-host of the podcast “Hittin’ Season” from WHYY’s Billy Penn.


Jennifer Lynn: Let’s get a scouting report. What are the known strengths and weaknesses of the Phillies going into this warm-up period?

John Stolnis: They come into the season a pretty strong team all around. They have a good lineup, it’s deep, it’s got lots of star players on it. They’ve got a really good starting pitching staff. It’s considered one of the better pitching staffs in the National League and the bullpen is returning most of the same guys who were very effective most of last season. So the strength lies in really the superstars this team has accumulated over the years.

I think if there are any areas where perhaps there is a little bit of weakness, it could be in one of the outfield spots. They’re going to be relying on a young player named Johan Rojas to elevate his game a little bit. Just the depth around the team. If there’s an injury or two here and there, how the Phillies will be able to adjust to that as the season goes along — but most teams have that weakness as well.

JL: Yeah. Well, let’s talk about who the Phillies have kept and who the Phillies have lost. First, who’s on first?

JS: Bryce Harper is now the starting first baseman for this baseball team. Rhys Hoskins is no longer with the team, he signed with the Milwaukee Brewers as a free agent. So we all wish Rhys the best obviously, but Bryce Harper is gonna be the everyday first baseman for this team. It’s really amazing how he just learned the position on-the-fly last year, as he was recovering from major elbow surgery, and then managed to play it at a high level during the course of the season when he was out there.

They also brought back Aaron Nola, who could have left as a free agent, but that was one of the first things the Phillies did this off season was make sure that they signed their ace right hander to a seven-year contract and he will be with the team for the rest of his career. So they’re getting the band back together for another run here in 2024.

JL: I love it. Back to the outfield. You mentioned Johan Rojas. He’s a really great, young, speedy, rising star in some ways. I mean he can really catch the ball in the outfield but he is horrible when he’s at bat. Why are the Phillies holding on to Rojas?

JS: Well, you mentioned it. He is a defensive superstar. He is already one of the very best defensive center-fielders in baseball, and when we see a player add runs to the scoreboard, it’s very easy to see what those contributions are. A two-run home run is pretty obvious. You see what happens, a guy hits one out of the ballpark, two-run score, that’s easy to see. It’s harder to quantify how many runs a player saves by playing really good defense.

There are different statistics out there that will show you some of those numbers, and Johan Rojas in just the short time that he was with the Phillies last year was among the very best in baseball at preventing runs with his outstanding play in center field. So they hope that the bat comes around and they’re hoping that an offseason of working on that part of his game will allow him to be a more well-rounded player. If that happens, he is a potential star in the making.

  • February 5, 2024
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