CHOP to train Mastery Schools students for jobs in health care

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Mastery Charter Schools will partner with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to create a specialized healthcare curriculum to help its students land industry jobs upon graduation.

The collaboration is part of a new $250 million initiative announced Wednesday, sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Some 6,000 students in nine other communities, including Boston, Dallas, Nashville and New York City, along with rural areas in Alabama and Tennessee

Graduates of the program will earn industry credentials and certifications, which can be parlayed into high-demand and well-paid jobs within the partnered health system. Students who continue to college can use the college credits the program offers.

Based in Philadelphia, Mastery is one of the largest charter networks in the area, with 24 schools in the city and Camden, N.J. The company is now planning for the implementation of the program and expects to announce which schools will offer the program starting in 2025 this spring.

Joel Boyd, Mastery Schools CEO, said its mission is to ensure all students have the academic and personal skills they need to be prepared for success after high school and to pursue their dreams. “For us, that mission isn’t accomplished on graduation day but afterwards, when each student is on a…path to a family-sustaining wage career,” Boyd said. “In CHOP, we have a partner equally invested in the neighborhoods we serve, bringing its systems to bear for the long-term success of our students.”

Madeline Bell, CHOP president and CEO pointed out the hospital and Mastery’s similar missions. “We are both deeply committed to building healthy futures for all children – regardless of age, background or socioeconomic status.”

  • January 18, 2024
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