CPB grant prompts WHYY News expansion of statehouse coverage in Delaware

From Philly and the Pa. suburbs to South Jersey and Delaware, what would you like WHYY News to cover? Let us know!

WHYY News will expand its coverage of Delaware after securing a two-year $300,000 grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The expansion of WHYY’s Delaware Desk will include the addition of a full-time state government reporter. WHYY News will also expand its investigative reporting on state issues.

This project will also expand WHYY’s reach through a partnership with HOY en Delaware, the largest and longest-serving Hispanic publication in the state of Delaware. The news stories will be available for republishing by other Delaware news outlets.

“Providing information to our Hispanic community is our priority at HOY en Delaware,” said Jose M. Somalo, publisher and founder of HOY en Delaware. “As we call this state our home, we are increasing our purchasing power by working hard, becoming more involved into the day-to-day economic activities, and started to demand more government reporting and involvement into political process,”

HOY en Delaware will publish stories reported by WHYY News as part of this project on its website in both English and Spanish. WHYY News and HOY en Delaware will also provide opportunities for communities to participate in civic dialogue to offer insights about the needs of Latinos in Delaware.

“As the premiere public media outlet providing trusted news & information to the tri-state area, WHYY is honored to have been chosen by Corporation for Public Broadcasting to expand its Wilmington, Delaware news operation to now include dedicated journalists covering state public policy issues from Dover,” said WHYY President & CEO Bill Marrazzo.

  • September 20, 2023
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