Filmmaker Marco Williams discusses Philly-based ‘Murders That Matter’ documentary on Instagram Live

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WHYY News is collaborating with the documentary film showcase, POV, to examine the film “Murders That Matter” on POV docs’ Instagram Live on Jan. 9 from 2 to 3 p.m.

Filmmaker and director Marco Williams chronicled the path of Philadelphian Movita Johnson-Harrell over a handful of years. The cinematic journey documents her personal crusade, as a mother who lost two sons to gun violence and a survivor of decades-old trauma, to turn tragedy into hopeful action.

Williams and Johnson-Harrell will join WHYY Vice President of News Sarah Glover on the POV Instagram page for a discussion of the film and its perspective on gun violence this Tuesday. Glover will serve as a moderator of “Amplifying Lives, Countering Loss: Transparent Gun Violence Reporting on Black Communities.” The trio will explore the film’s origins and how the documentary is advancing conversations on providing trauma-informed services to co-victims and gun violence reporting in the media.

  • January 8, 2024
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