GOP’s Jim Jordan tries again to become House speaker, while his detractors consider options

Having lost the first vote to become House speaker, Rep. Jim Jordan will try again Wednesday on a decisive second ballot that will test whether the hard-edged ally of Donald Trump can win over detractors or if his bid for the gavel is collapsing.

The House gaveled in with angry, frustrated GOP lawmakers looking at other options. Ahead of the morning vote, Jordan made an unexpected plea for party unity, the combative Judiciary Committee chairman telling his colleagues on social media, “We must stop attacking each other and come together.”

A surprisingly large and politically diverse group of 20 Republicans had rejected Jordan’s nomination the day before, many resenting the hardball tactics seeking to enforce support, and viewing the Ohio congressman as too extreme for the powerful position of House speaker, second in line to the presidency.

  • October 18, 2023
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