Haley vows to stay in GOP race as Trump seeks commanding victory in New Hampshire

Former President Donald Trump is aiming for a commanding victory Tuesday in New Hampshire, sure of a sweep of the first two Republican primary races to make a November rematch with President Joe Biden more likely than ever.

Nikki Haley, Trump’s last remaining major GOP rival, insisted that she would not concede an early knockout as she visited polling sites, even as Trump’s allies ramped up pressure on her to leave the race if she loses by a large margin. The former U.N. ambassador has focused considerable resources on New Hampshire, hoping to capitalize on the state’s independent streak as she looks for an upset or at least a tight loss that could dent Trump’s continued domination of Republican politics.

“I’m running against Donald Trump, and I’m not going to talk about an obituary,” Haley told reporters.

There was a Democratic New Hampshire primary, too, but it was unsanctioned and provided no delegates to the winner. President Joe Biden wasn’t on that ballot, opting to wait for upcoming South Carolina.

  • January 23, 2024
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