Hidden Language of Cats, Vandalism at a Philly Mosque, Are Energy Drinks Safe?

This week, the family of a former Penn student filed a lawsuit against Panera Bread, claiming her death happened after she consumed a highly caffeinated drink from the chain that exacerbated her heart condition. We’ll talk with Jennifer Temple, Director of the Nutrition and Health Research Laboratory at the University of Buffalo, about the risks of energy drinks with massive amounts of caffeine and why they are so appealing to young people.

For thousands of years, cats have evolved their meows, tail signals, odd behaviors and even scents to communicate better with humans. Cat behaviorist Sarah Brown investigates our relationships with our curious feline friends, how they communicate with us, and how we talk back to them in her new book, The Hidden Language of Cats: How They Have Us at Meow.

Windows and doors at the United Muslim Islamic Center in South Philadelphia were vandalized last week, as the region experiences an uptick in hate crimes and violent incidents geared towards Muslim and Jewish residents. UMIC president Qasim Rashad joins us to explain why he’d welcome the unnamed culprit to share in an open conversation.

  • October 26, 2023
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