Jersey shore officials, residents prepare for potential weekend storm, heavy rain

This story originally appeared on 6abc.

Residents along the Jersey shore are preparing for Mother Nature ahead of a coastal storm that is likely to become Ophelia.

“It is frustrating, but what can you do, it’s nature,” said Ahmed Ahmed. “We don’t fight with nature, right?”

Ahmed has lived on North Nevada Avenue in Atlantic City across from a bay for nearly 20 years.

He, along with many neighbors on the surrounding streets, is used to the impact of coastal storms.

“It’s going to be like flooded, all the streets,” said Ahmed. “Sometimes goes to the basement.”

“Move the cars to high land and shut down the window and stay home,” said My Huynh, who lived on California Avenue for nearly 30 years. “Nothing we can do.”

6abc meteorologists are forecasting heavy rain and nearly 60 mph wind gusts at the shore late Friday night into Saturday.

  • September 22, 2023
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