Mayor-elect Parker announces more key appointments, vows to take time to make right decisions.

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Two more key appointments have been made by the Parker Administration:  Adam Geer as Chief Public Safety Director and Craig Murphy as Acting Fire Commissioner.

Geer said there is much to be defined about his new position in the weeks and months to come.

“This is an amazing opportunity for the city to have someone who will be able to step back and look at how we can use all our areas for city government, all our community groups to have a common vision on how to support the police department and our other agencies,” Geer said.The position is new due to a charter change approved creating the post.

Geer was the Deputy Inspector General for Public Safety. He said he believes that post gave him a foundation for oversight and presenting new ideas on how to improve public trust in the fairness and efficacy of local law enforcement.

“I’ve already worked on a policy as deputy inspector general that looks at tying in crime scene cleanup to beautification, which we know reduces violent crime,” Geer said. “So that’s CLIP working with the police department on a policy that’s interagency work. So, absolutely, I think it’s gonna have an impact.”

Mayor-elect Cherelle Parker stressed she doesn’t want the public safety director and the police commissioner at odds in her administration.

“They are to work together,” Parker said. “Why was it important for me to affirm that publicly? Because we don’t have time or the luxury of naysayers. Anyone who is hoping, or was hoping, or was thinking in any way imaginable that the two won’t be acting in sync, you are absolutely wrong.”

Philadelphia Mayor-elect Cherelle Parker (right) speaks at the appointments of Adam Geer as the city’s Chief Public Safety Director and Craig Murphy (left) as Acting Fire Commissioner. (Tom MacDonald/WHYY)

  • December 28, 2023
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