Mütter Museum launches public engagement program over the future of its collection

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The Mütter Museum will soon begin a multifaceted public outreach program to solicit feedback about the future of its collection of human remains.

For the next two years, the museum of the College of Physicians — famous for its preserved body parts and pathological artifacts — will host public discussions, workshops, and exhibitions, and post online videos addressing issues of consent and ethics surrounding the display of that collection. The first public event will be a town hall-style discussion on Oct. 17.

The College of Physicians has received a $285,500 grant from the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage for this public engagement project, called “Postmortem: Mütter Museum.”

“This two year-long project will be the most robust community collaboration project ever undertaken by the Museum,” said executive director Kate Quinn in a statement. “Over the past few months, many in the Mütter community have passionately expressed their thoughts about the Museum’s future and we’ve been listening.”

  • September 14, 2023
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