New Philly Mayor Cherelle Parker sworn in, immediately declares public safety emergency

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The new leader of Philadelphia gave a rousing inaugural address Tuesday to a large crowd at The Met Philadelphia. She challenged politicians and residents alike to join together as her administration works to improve the city.

While Mayor Cherelle Parker is the first woman and first Black woman to hold the mayor’s office, she wants to be known as a leader who changed the city for the better.

“I’m talking about bold transformative steps, that when people walk outside their houses they can touch, see, and feel the results of our labor, and if they don’t see it, it’s on us.”

Parker also said the city is open for business, and she’d work to grow new businesses with diverse ownership. She said her administration will work with a new group of people ready to improve the life of residents and visitors.

“To help us solicit and develop better ideas for how City Hall can serve all the different constituencies and needs of our diverse city,” she said.

Parker told naysayers she doesn’t want to hear the word “not,” only how can they make it to “yes,” adding, “don’t throw shade on my Philly shine.”

She also talked about ongoing problems the city has to deal with, including quality of life issues like the open air drug market in Kensington, which she said is a major priority.

“We are going to be laser-focused on developing and implementing solutions to the challenges and we are going to solve them for the city,” she said.

She spoke of improving transparency, to give taxpayers a better understanding of where their money is spent.

“This is going to sound like a novel idea, you deserve to see your tax dollars at work in your neighborhoods in a way that you can all see, touch, and feel.”

  • January 3, 2024
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