Orange skies, flash floods, and offshore wind drama: Here are WHYY News’ top climate stories of 2023

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Climate change took a big toll on the Philadelphia region this year.

In addition to the ongoing impacts of sea level rise along the New Jersey and Delaware coastlines and the urban heat island effect in neighborhoods of Camden, Philadelphia, and Wilmington, wildfire smoke from Canada brought hazardous air pollutants, flash floods along suburban roadways turned deadly, and a September heat wave shut down schools.

It’s clear we are all living with the consequences of burning too many fossil fuels.

But we also found a lot of good stories to tell since launching the WHYY News Climate Desk in April. People are working to create solutions and hold polluters accountable, and artists are using performance to spread the word and give us hope.

We collected our most impactful, and most popular stories of the year since we launched on Earth Day 2023.

1. Can capitalism save the planet from a climate crisis?

Solutions abound, and some who have made fortunes want to use those proceeds to fix a warming planet. But if capitalism got us here, can capitalism save the climate? Here’s a look at how venture capitalists want to influence solutions and use the private market to decarbonize.

2. How climate activists are working to shift trillions of dollars away from fossil fuels and into renewables

On the flip side, activists have started to expand their strategies to target the financial industry. In this piece, we learn about how some are working to hold accountable those who manage investments.

3. This Philly drag show tackles climate change — on ice

Drag queens on ice have a message to spread as well. These Bearded Ladies want to leave audiences feeling “energized and curious” about climate solutions.

John Jarboe takes the lead as Homo Sapien in the Bearded Ladies’ climate change themed drag show on ice at the RiverRink. (Emma Lee/WHYY)

  • December 22, 2023
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