Philadelphia officials announce more locations of possible measles exposure

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There are now six locations where people may have been exposed to measles since late December, the City of Philadelphia Health Department said.

That includes five locations announced Thursday in addition to one that was announced just two days before Christmas.

In a news release, the city said there is a cluster of cases among unvaccinated residents.

So far there are four confirmed cases and two possible cases.

The city says the two possible cases were identified after one of the people confirmed to have measles went to a day care, disregarding quarantine and exclusion instructions.

“The Health Department is strongly recommending that anyone who may have been exposed to measles should quarantine themselves by staying home and away from others,” city officials said.

If you were at any of the below sites on the days listed, you may have been exposed to measles:

Jefferson Health building at 33 S 9th/833 Chestnut St

-Exposures took place on December 19 between 2 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Multicultural Education Station Day Care at 6919 Castor Ave

-Exposures took place on December 20 and 21

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Emergency Room at 3401 Civic Center Blvd

-Exposures took place on December 28

St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children Emergency Department

-Suspected exposures may have happened overnight December 30 – December 31 mid-afternoon

St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children inpatient unit 5 North

-Suspected exposures may have happened between December 31 and January 3

Nazareth Hospital Emergency Room

-Suspected exposures may have happened on December 31 and January 2

Health officials say if you were in one of those buildings on the dates listed and are not immune to measles (including infants under 12-15 months, who typically have not yet been vaccinated):

You should contact your healthcare provider or pediatrician right away, especially if you don’t feel well. Let your doctor know about your possible measles exposure.

If you must go out to seek healthcare, please alert the healthcare provider prior to going in that you have been exposed to measles and have them call the Health Department.

You could potentially give measles to vulnerable people and therefore must quarantine (stay home).

Measles is a virus that spreads easily, according to the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.

Symptoms include fever, runny nose, cough, and puffy eyes, followed by a rash. In some cases, it can be a serious infection that leads to pneumonia, brain infection, and death.

“If you have not been vaccinated against measles or have not vaccinated your children who are 12 months of age or older, please reach out to your healthcare provider to do so immediately. If you or your child has been exposed to measles, please follow public health guidance to avoid exposing additional children,” Health Commissioner Dr. Cheryl Bettigole said in a statement.

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