Philadelphia officials provide update after man killed by police; sources say officer will be fired

This story originally appeared on 6abc. 

The Philadelphia police officer who shot and killed a man in the city’s Kensington section last week will be terminated, officials announced during a press conference on Wednesday.

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw says Officer Mark Dial will be suspended for 30 days with the intent to dismiss following the deadly August 14 shooting of 27-year-old Eddie Irizarry.

Dial did not cooperate with the internal investigation and did not provide a formal statement, according to sources.

Irizarry’s family released video on Tuesday of moments leading up to the fatal gunfire on the 100 block of Willard Street.

Police said last week this all began when Irizarry was seen driving erratically near B and Erie streets.

The officers followed the vehicle as it turned on Westmoreland Street, then left onto Lee Street, and finally left onto Willard Street.

Officials say at that point, the Toyota continued the wrong way down East Willard Street, which is one-way.

The video begins showing Irizarry pulling his vehicle over on East Willard Street.

He stops for a moment, then briefly backs up. His car stops again and remains stopped as a Philadelphia police SUV arrives and pulls up alongside him.

The police vehicle does not appear to have its flashing lights on. No siren can be heard in the video.

Two officers get out of the SUV, both with guns drawn, and one shouts “Show me your hands” and “He’s got a f—— knife.”

Shouts of “Don’t move” and “I’ll f—— shoot you” are heard just as Dial runs up to Irizarry’s closed car window.

Dial then fires five shots at point-blank range, then runs past the front of the car while firing a sixth time.

An officer then be heard making a “shots fired” call.

On the day of the shooting, police officials said Irizarry was outside the car when he was killed after lunging at police with a knife. Two days later, the department acknowledged Irizarry was fatally shot while inside his car.

Police said two knives were recovered inside the vehicle. Police have not said if either knife was in Irizarry’s hand when he was fatally shot.

The video was released during a news conference with Irizarry’s family and attorney Shaka Johnson.

“What about what you just saw could ever be confused as he got out of the car and lunged at police officers?” said Johnson.

Johnson said the family will be filing a wrongful death lawsuit against both the City of Philadelphia and Dial.

“This officer really took someone very special to us and I just want him to pay for what he did,” said Irizarry’s aunt, Zoraida Garcia.

Johnson argues the damage to his client’s loved one’s reputation is done.

“There was an intentional misleading of the public,” he said.

  • August 23, 2023
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