Philadelphia region braces for second round of storms bringing rain, flooding and strong winds

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The Philadelphia region is preparing for a second round of storms — bringing more flooding and strong winds beginning Friday night through Saturday morning.

The forecast comes as the Delaware Valley recovers from a powerful storm Tuesday night, which dumped several inches of rain throughout the region, combined with high winds.

Tuesday’s storm resulted in major power outages, as well as flooded rivers that caused several road closures. Emergency responders rescued more than two dozen residents from rising waters.

On Friday night, the Philadelphia region could get up to an inch of rain, which is expected to clear by daybreak Saturday. The highest amount of rain is forecasted for northern New Jersey, which could get hit with 1.5 inches.

National Weather Service meteorologist Eric Hoeflich expects less rain than Tuesday night’s storm, but says it will come down faster, and in more targeted areas.

A flood watch is in effect for the Philadelphia metro area, northern Delaware, and much of New Jersey.

A major concern is tidal river flooding, particularly along the Delaware River from Mercer County in New Jersey, to Delaware County in Pennsylvania, said Hoeflich. A coastal flood warning is in effect from Friday evening through Saturday evening for these tidal areas.

Flooding is expected to persist through the Saturday afternoon high tide because of additional freshwater runoff and southwest winds. Hoeflich said the impacts could be compounded by the most recent storm.

“Our ground is so saturated [from Tuesday’s storm] that everything’s just going to run off into our creeks and streams,” he said.

  • January 12, 2024
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