Philly DA wants city’s crime-fighting efforts to go more high-tech

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Philadelphia’s District Attorney is lobbying for more money for a new crime lab and a cold case unit, which he says will help solve more cases and deter people from committing new crimes.

Krasner said he believes more arrests could be made if the city improved its forensics capabilities.

“My understanding of the amount of money that is involved, that is looking something like $75 million, and if they were to build from the ground up you are looking at more like $150 million.”

The money to build a new crime lab would go to the police, not the DA’s office, but on the DA’s wishlist also includes a new cold case unit to help give families closure for unsolved homicides.

“We are actually doing the numbers on that now, as part of our budgetary request for next year, a cold case unit on the order of a million dollars.”

Krasner said he’s been lobbying for the crime lab funding for the last four or five years, but believes with a new administration in Philadelphia and some help from the state and Washington, he could have the lab the city desperately needs to close cold cases.

  • January 9, 2024
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