Plastic Surgery and Social Media, Student Loan Repayment, Philadelphia’s Lazaretto

The Biden administration is opening enrollment on a new student loan repayment plan, SAVE (Saving on Valuable Education) this week.  We’ll get the details on who is eligible and how much it will relief it provides from Washington Post higher education reporter Danielle Douglas-Gabriel.

Cosmetic surgery is on the rise…up more than 50% over the last two years…breast augmentation, Botox, liposuction, and Brazilian butt lifts. What does the mainstreaming of these procedures say about who we are and our quest for a certain beauty ideals? What role is social media playing?  We’re joined by David Sarwer, Associate Dean of the Temple University’s College of Public Health and journalist Sierra Leone Starks.

The first quarantine hospital in America was built at the dawn of the 1800s in Philadelphia. Quarantine back then didn’t mean exactly what it means today. But it was controversial and it did create a conflict around commerce, disease, and science. University of Pennsylvania professor David Barnes joins us to talk about his new book, Lazaretto: How Philadelphia Used an Unpopular Quarantine Based on Disputed Science to Accomodate Immigrants and Prevent Epidemics.


  • July 31, 2023
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