Prison guard warned that Danelo Cavalcante planned escape a month before he fled, emails show

At least a month before a convicted murderer escaped from a southeastern Pennsylvania prison, eluding a massive manhunt for two weeks before he was recaptured, a prison guard had warned that he was planning an escape, according to an email exchange made public this week.

Hours after the Aug. 31 escape of Danilo Cavalcante from the Chester County Prison, a prison sergeant said in an email that Corrections Officer Hernandez “noted back in July that this inmate was planning an escape.” Sgt. Beavers said he was sending the email because he didn’t want “this to come back on us or Hernandez in any way.”

That email was sent to Capt. Griswold, who forwarded it shortly afterward to the prison’s acting warden, Howard Holland, with a note saying, “This was sent to me this afternoon and I have not forwarded it to anyone else. I am not sure how you want to move forward with this information internally.” Officials withheld the first names of those mentioned.

County spokesperson Rebecca Brain said in a statement that the three people mentioned in the emails, which were first reported by ABC News, “wanted to ensure Acting Warden Holland knew that information about an escape was previously noted.”

  • October 19, 2023
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