Search continues for more remains of family presumed dead in East Lansdowne home

This story originally appeared on 6abc.

The search continues Friday for more remains at an East Lansdowne home in Delaware County, where a gunman opened fire Wednesday, shooting two police officers, before setting the house on fire.

Six people from the same family are presumed dead inside the residence, including the apparent gunman, a surviving family member told Action News.

Three bodies, including that of a child, and a gun, were recovered from the charred rubble Thursday afternoon.

The alleged shooter has been identified by his mother as 43-year-old Canh Le, who says he is dead.

She also said her other son, Xuong Le, and his wife, Britni McLaughlin-Le, as well as their three children, NaKayla, 13, NaTayla, 17, and Xavier, 10, are also presumed dead.

PICTURED: Britni McLaughlin-Le, 37, Xuoug Le, 40, and their three children, Natalya, 17, Nakayla, 13, and Xavier, 10. (Courtesy of 6abc)

It all began with a 911 call

It all began with a 911 call reporting that a child had been shot. A fire then erupted in the home at 58 Lewis Ave. shortly after gunfire. The incident left two police officers injured and the home in ruins.

“We’re still at the stage of trying to get into the house bit by bit and recover bodies and evidence,” said Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer.

Canh’s mother, Chin Le, told Action News that she heard him arguing with his 13-year-old niece in an upstairs bedroom.

She said she heard Canh say he was going to get a gun. That’s when her husband took her out of the home and the shots were fired.

Chin said it was her husband who called 911.

Police were immediately met by gunfire when they arrived at the scene Wednesday afternoon and two officers — one from the Lansdowne Police Department and another from the East Lansdowne Police Department — were both shot.

During the chaos, Upper Darby police were able to quickly grab ballistic shields and dragged the injured officers to safety.

Neighbor Derrick Richardson recorded cell phone video of the chaotic scene as officers helped an injured officer and called for a medic while they were under fire.

Stollsteimer said about 15 minutes after officers arrived, someone inside the home started a fire. The house quickly went up in flames as first responders stood back for safety reasons.

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