Severe storms bring down trees, power lines across Delaware Valley

This story originally appeared on 6abc.

Severe storms swept through the Delaware Valley region on Monday night, bringing down trees and power lines and triggering several tornado warnings.

In Delaware County, Pennsylvania, the Glen Mills area took the brunt of the harsh winds and rain.

The storm left a mess for some people, but many residents said the weather went by quickly.

“It was just like, ‘Clap! Bam,’” said Andrew Thorp-King from Glen Mills.

Thorp-King maneuvered his way through a mix of tree limbs and wires to get outside his home on Wendy Lane.

The back of his house was severely damaged due to the passing thunderstorm.

“Trees falling on my roof destroyed my roof, destroyed my hot tub,” said Thorp-King.

Down the street, a tree came crashing through a home on Winding Way.

Roads were shut down due to trees falling on power lines, and some residents said they could see smoke billowing in the air.

“This is the worst I’ve seen it. I mean, I have no trees left, they’re all gone now,” said Bill from Glen Mills.

Despite the massive cleanup ahead, some say it could’ve been worse.

“I was lucky. I was going to take a nap too. Glad I didn’t do that and have a tree fall in my bedroom,” said Thorp-King.

There are no reports of injuries in the Delaware County area so far.

  • August 8, 2023
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