Stray dog recovers at ACCT Philly after construction workers rescue her on I-95 ramp

This story originally appeared on 6abc.

Sweet Bella spent the day relaxing after being rescued in a dangerous spot on Monday morning.

“We’re just trying to let her rest. We don’t want to give her any more trauma,” said Natasha Pettis, who is an animal protection officer at ACCT Philly. “We got her kennel all set up with some comfy blankets.”

Pettis said they received a call right before 8 a.m. that a dog was on the I-95 ramp under construction near Wheatsheaf Lane and Almond Street.

“We went out there, and some amazing construction workers actually fashioned a gurney to bring her from the top of the ramp all the way down to the underneath for us to come out and rescue her,” said Pettis.

Pettis said they wouldn’t have been able to save her without the workers.

They carried her from the makeshift stretcher and drove her to the shelter.

Pettis said she didn’t have a collar so they named her Bella.

“She has a bunch of gashes on her,” said Pettis. “The medical staff knows a little bit more, but she’s actually going to have surgery tomorrow.”

  • September 12, 2023
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