The number of shooting victims hit 15-year low in New Jersey

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There were 924 shooting victims in 2023, a 13% decrease from the prior year. Within that number, 191 were fatalities; an 8% decrease from 2022. That’s the lowest drop since New Jersey began tracking the data in 2009.

Gov. Phil Murphy said the numbers are “even more remarkable” because there are more residents in New Jersey, compared to 2009. According to census figures, about 8.8 million people lived in the Garden State in 2010. The latest population estimates peg the number at approximately 9.3 million.

“Over the past year together, we have saved a historic number of lives from gun violence in New Jersey,” Murphy said. “That means more families have remained intact, more children will be able to grow up and live up to their full potential, and we are helping people feel safer in their homes and on our streets.”

  • January 4, 2024
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