The True Story of the AR-15 Rifle, NPR’s Steve Inskeep on Abraham Lincoln

There are more than 20 million AR-15-style weapons in the United States today — and they’re at the center of our country’s gun safety debate. These rifles, capable of evil and destruction, are owned legally by many average citizens and hunters but have also become a symbol of 21st-century mass shootings — a far cry from the original intention of aiding U.S. soldiers during the Cold War. We’ll talk with Wall Street Journal reporters Cameron McWhirter (@cammcwhirter)  and Zusha Elinson (@ZushaElinson) about the true story of the AR-15, its transformation over the decades and the political power it holds. Their new book is American Gun.

NPR Morning Edition co-host Steve Inskeep joins us to discuss his new book, Differ We Must, about President Abraham Lincoln and how he united a divided country. We’ll discuss the political lessons the 16th president learned and why they are more relevant than ever.

  • December 26, 2023
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