Youth homelessness in Philadelphia illustrated: ‘They are invisible’

This story is from Young, Unhoused and Unseen, a podcast production from WHYY News and Temple University’s Logan Center for Urban Investigative Reporting.

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Gabby Rodriguez, 19, is experiencing a gap year after graduating from the Philadelphia High School from Creative and Performing Arts in June. They were commissioned to create an artistic interpretation of unhoused youth in Philadelphia by WHYY News and came up with a powerful image that captures what passersby might see everyday — the invisible homelessness crisis at a SEPTA bus stop.

“I travel a lot within the city and I also take a lot of public transportation — whether regional, train, or bus. There are a lot of places that we don’t recognize that have a large homeless population,” Rodriguez said.

“Some people have to sleep at the bus stop to get shelter with the rain and snow and the weather.”

  • December 30, 2023
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