Philly’s Essential Chinese Restaurants

Dinner at Su Xing House. | Su Xing House

Track down crackly roast duck, spicy Sichuan noodle bowls, sticky rice burritos, and endless dim sum dumplings in Chinatown and beyond

While Chinatown in Center City remains an easy place to find incredible Chinese food in Philly, many restaurants, markets, and shopping plazas have opened elsewhere to meet the needs of the growing Chinese communities in Northeast, West, and South Philadelphia. This means diners throughout the city have their pick of regional cuisines, cozy establishments as well as grand banquet halls, and abundant vegetarian dishes in addition to meaty options like cumin lamb, bone-in barbecue, and rich noodle soups. Find all of this and more at Philly’s top Chinese restaurants.

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  • December 14, 2023
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