The 15 Best Dining Spots for Center City Restaurant Week

Dinner at Forsythia. | Forsythia.

Where to find the best lunch and dinner deals around the city

The 20th Anniversary of Center City Restaurant Week has been happening since Sunday, September 10 and will run until Saturday, September 23, a food-packed span that’s nearly two weeks. But where to go? The restaurant selection in this semiannual event is notoriously all over the place — some restaurants in the lineup are certifiably good, others not so much. More importantly, perhaps, is that the deals offered can be pleasingly cheap, but they can also be disappointingly expensive, as in when you are asked to pay more for a Restaurant Week meal than you normally would for the same food during the rest of the year.

A few ground rules: Discounted parking is available for guests at $9 or less at participating Interpark, BexPark, LAZ and Philadelphia Parking Authority garages. Dinners (3-course, prix-fixe) — will be $45 or $60, with lunches (2-course, prix-fixe) generally $30. We’ve waded through your 110 choices to find the best deals with the best food, with an emphasis on places that are just plain delicious.

  • September 15, 2023
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