The Essential Black-Owned Restaurants of Philadelphia

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Celebrate these marvelous Black-owned restaurants, bars, and cafes all year long

Philly’s Black-owned restaurants are a force to be reckoned as spaces that not only serve memorable meals, but provide solidarity and comfort to diverse communities. In Philly, these dining spots help fuel an economy whose population is a majority of color. Such restaurants often use their resources to address sociopolitical issues in the Black community, provide professional opportunities, and expand the culinary palate of a town that’s often known for its cheesesteaks and hoagies.

Black culture has a widespread influence that showcases various cuisines, including fine dining, dishes prepared in the African tradition, and those with roots peppered across the American South. They also prove that Black food is not a monolith but rather inventive, beautiful, continuously evolving, and deserving of celebration all year long.

While several of these restaurants may not always get the recognition they often deserve, they are essential to the foodways of our society.

  • February 2, 2024
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