The Superior Soups of Philadelphia

Soup at Vernick Coffee Bar | Vernick Coffee Bar

Chicken with matzo balls, clam chowder, French onion, and more soups that stand out in Philly

It’s winter. It gets dark early and it’s (sometimes) cold out. That means warm, cozy meals are calling. Throughout these chilly East Coast months, soup is just the ticket. This guide includes 15 local soup stars, including some of the best takes on French onion and clam chowder, along with rarities like a seafood gumbo and a historic dish made with snapping turtles. Philly restaurants are also known for their steaming bowls of pho, ramen, and sundubu jjigae — there are too many great options to include here, so find those on the Vietnamese food, Korean food, and ramen maps.

  • January 10, 2024
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