Wilmington, Delaware’s Restaurants Are Worth the Trip From Philly

Dinner at the Quoin, a hotel that houses a restaurant, a downstairs speakeasy-style bar, and Wilmington’s only rooftop bar. | Matthew Williams

Philadelphians are flocking to Wilmington, which is just a short trip away and has transformed in recent years

From certain parts of Philadelphia, Wilmington is a quicker trip than many Philly suburbs. Hop on I-95 in West Philly and make it there in 35 minutes by car; on Amtrak’s Acela train from 30th Street Station, the ride can be under 20 minutes. And while many locals have never been to the small Delaware city to the south, there’s more reason than ever to visit.

Long known as a business and legal center, Wilmington has been undergoing a change, growing its population and transforming its once-sleepy downtown into a destination filled with things that make a city great: live music venues, coffee shops, beer gardens, sports venues, bike trails, and, of course, restaurants.

Between an influx of youthful new residents and an old-money population (this is still the land of DuPont, after all), Wilmington restaurants here have a steady stream of sophisticated customers looking for Philadelphia- and New York-style dining, and the food scene here has taken off. Read on for a taste of Wilmington’s best restaurants and bars, featuring family-friendly fun and casual food halls as well as high-end dining.

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  • July 31, 2023
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